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As you probably know, Morning Glory's health is not as good as it has been, and she is no longer up to the task of running the business full time. Jay and Jadzia, the fine people at Devera Publishing, have kindly volunteered to take this particular duty off of Morning Glory's shoulders.

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Morning Glory Zell

On Saturday, Jan 18, 2014, Morning Glory Zell was admitted into ICU at Memorial Hospital in Santa Rosa. She was suffering from kidney failure and dehydration, as well as a sudden resurgence of the multiple myeloma cancer she has been battling for eight years. For the past month she has been undergoing daily treatments of kidney dialysis alternating with plasma apheresis-a four-hour process whereby they circulate all the blood out of her body, use a centrifuge to separate the red and white cells from the plasma, discard her plasma with all its accumulated gunk, and replace it with pure albumen. All this is accompanied by massive transfusions of packed red cells from multiple donors.

Julie Epona created a fund-raising site at Called \"Money for Morning Glory Zell,\" the site is accepting donations to offset living and medical expenses for our beloved Pagan Priestess.


Morning Glory has been a Natural Witch since the 1950's, and dedicated Pagan activist since the early 1970's. Without her and her husband Oberon, both the face and the depths of modern Paganism would look very, very different. It is largely thanks to them that the Pagan movement in the USA embraced the Goddess primarily as Mother Earth rather than as a male-defined Divine Feminine (as had been the case in Britain).

The Zells articulated the Gaea Thesis and spread the word about it in GREEN EGG in the early 1970s. Back then, GREEN EGG, published by the Church of All Worlds, was the only real pan-Pagan publication, and it was the one place where regularly-published unfettered and uncensored discussion and debate occurred among many different individual practitioners and paths of Pagan practice.

GREEN EGG was what we had: No Aquarian Tabernacle, no Circle Network, no Witchvox, no Pagan music publishing companies, no Internet, no Pagan or occult section at Barnes and Noble-indeed, precious few books at all, really. GREEN EGG was the lifeline that let us connect to each other.

We cannot possibly give back to the Zells as much as they have given to us, their community. But we can do our best: take out our incense and candles, and get that mojo working! And donate money to help them through these difficult times. Really, it's the least we can do!

Blessed Be,
Valerie Voigt